LTS provides mulltiple services of Software Testing, Software Development and AI Data Processing with high quality, assured security system and proficient staff.

Software Testing

With a talent pool of solid experience and proficient coding skills, LTS provides Software Testing Services in compliance with stringent quality assurance process.

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Software Development

Unlock the future of technology with our dedicated software developers, LTS helps businesses harness the digital transformation in multiple platforms and diverse technologies.

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AI Data Processing

Finding numerous amount of accurated labeled data to build your AI machine learning model? The human-in-the-loop model will help you to annotate and collect appropriate data.

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협력 방식

시간 및 리소스

  • 가치와 생산성에 집중
  • 장기, 빈번한, 예정된 또는 일상적인 기능을 위해 설계됨

프로젝트 기반

  • 중소 프로젝트를 위한 맞춤형
  • 고정 예산과 확실한 요구 사항이 수반됨

인재 지원

  • 팀 멤버를 직접 선택
  • 외주 – 상주 믹스

Engagement Model

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