Top Industries IT Outsourcing: Healthcare, Finance, Automotive


Top Industries IT Outsourcing – Since the IT revolution, many industries and sectors have adopted numerous ways to make the best out of technological advances. The most popular measure now names IT Outsourcing, especially in:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Finance and Banking
  • Automotive

In these sectors, both operation and customer engagement require digital platforms, applications and portals, all of which can be achieved through IT Outsourcing.

Top Industries IT Outsourcing in Healthcare and Medical

From 2020 to 2027, IT Outsourcing in Healthcare and Medical is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11%, which is enormous for such a challenging time.

Despite the pandemic taking its toll on the world, healthcare IT outsourcing continues to grow with expanding fields for adoption and implementation, opening many new doors for both the IT industry and the healthcare industry.

If categorized by application, the Healthcare IT Outsourcing market can be divided into 3 of:

  • Care management
  • Administration
  • IT infrastructure management
Industries IT Outsourcing

As part of the growing development and application of Information Technology in almost every aspect of our lives, Healthcare and Medical is not an exception for the adoption of IT Outsourcing.

In fact, it is one of the Industries IT Outsourcing involved in its development, primarily for:

  • IT operations in Healthcare and Medical are government-favored, hence the vast influx of investment for this sector.
  • Scarcity of in-house IT experts and professionals raises the need for IT Outsourcing or IT Staff Augmentation.
  • The scope of Healthcare and Medical systems is huge, which requires IT solutions to boost up the speed and improve productivity.
  • With the help of IT Outsourcing providers, the system can ensure a better quality of care and clinical outcomes, which will eventually improve clients’ experience.
  • As productivity reigns top priority, doctors need to monitor patient’s health and clinical progress digitally, which will operate in a much quicker manner.
  • IT Outsourcing can unburden medical centers and hospitals of the operational costs of the IT staff.
  • IT Outsourcing can also offer cost-effectiveness.
  • Establishment of regulations and accreditation of service providers make them accountable for their quality standards.

IT is indispensable to our lives, and healthcare is not an exception. With life expectancy growing every day, people expect to see more, achieve more. Patient-centricity for better experience is one of the main focuses in this industry, and the most direct, effective way to do this is through the adoption of IT Outsourcing.

Some might even consider building an in-house team to develop, operate and maintain their own solutions and applications. This is a solution for optimized security and long-term development of digitalization. Nonetheless, IT Outsourcing can reduce operational and other trivial costs.

During the implementation of IT Outsourcing, one might stumble into these short-term issues:

  • Data breach and loss of confidentiality
  • High initial investment and capital investment
  • Low-profit margins
  • Stringent regulations

Top Industries IT Outsourcing in Finance and Banking

The idea of ITO has long been established and put into practice, dating back to the 1980s. Since then, as the IT industry was praised as the “state-of-the-art development” or the tool for business growth, IT Outsourcing is often linked to high costs, unreliability and unresponsiveness.

However, the overall development of the IT industry has posed many costs and complexities for in-house IT teams, especially for those working in finance and banking.

Most of the time, their work focuses on IT infrastructure, application operations and system security, and these tasks have skyrocketed in volume and magnitude over the years. Eventually, this inevitable development requires drastic changes in how IT has to evolve to adapt to the needs of the finance and banking sector.

The utility of information technology across the globe is undeniable, especially with plenty of research and studies indicating the growth of internet users to reach 4.66 billion (active users),  92.6 percent of whom accessed the internet via mobile devices.

Industries IT Outsourcing Finance & Banking

With this unprecedented growth of information technology, it now represents the symbol of advance and progress which any entity in the banking and finance sector would want to have in their image and strategy.

For the majority of firms and corporations in this sector, IT Outsourcing is their top priority when compared with an in-house IT team. Here’s why:

  • IT is not a utility anymore; it’s become the edge for one to stand out in the market.
  • IT development might be included in one entity’s strategy for business growth, but it is not the core development and fundamental foundation of the finance and banking sector. Hence, the adoption of IT Outsourcing enables financial and banking entities to focus on their more significant priorities. With the resources freed up, they can now work on their business-related growth.
  • An in-house IT team can ensure security, but they lack responsiveness to the most up-to-date technologies, frameworks and tools.
  • Due to the harsh competition of the market, IT Outsourcing providers now have adapted their operations to minimize costs and ensure layers of security, tackling the issues of high costs, unreliability and unresponsiveness.
  • IT Outsourcing can unburden the in-house team of tedious work of software development and software testing so that they can manage the whole IT project. In this case, the management work can align the direction of the IT Outsourcing team with the company’s vision, creating values for the company.
  • For an in-house team, it might be hard to stay alert of the risks 24/7. With IT Outsourcing, this can be included in your contract for the IT Outsourcing team to mitigate risks and secure the projects 24/7.

With a system of leading-edge technologies and a well-designed interface, one might appear with the image of professionalism and trustworthiness. Building this is no easy task, and finance and banking institutes should leave it for teams who excel in the field.

Despite the pivotal role of IT Outsourcing in banking and finance, the adoption of this poses some issues and risks for one’s financial services.

The first concern to pop up in business owners’ minds is the privacy of clients’ information. The breach of confidential information and data leak can put a halt on their business’s development. With an enormous volume of clients’ data to be processed every day, for IT Outsourcing to work, it requires strict regulations of the dos and don’ts, together with layers of security and legal documentations.

The second challenge in this is the around-the-clock risk management. Hackers can take advantage of the system’s errors and try to attack the system. By staying alert of the risks that might come towards, an IT Outsourcing team with experience in the field is a must.

Top IT Outsourcing Industries: Automotive

The development of automatic cars is growing with accelerating speed, and there will be more and more intelligent features to be included in the future. Electronic hardware and software will be implemented to increase drivers’ communication and socialization with vehicles, traffic signals, parking lots, etc. As a result, the need for a higher level of technology entails a higher speed of IT adoption in the automotive industry.

Automotive manufacturing has long been used to the practice of Outsourcing. More often than not, the automotive industry outsources about 80% of the production to suppliers and third-party vendors. With this being done, the sector is well-aware of the benefits of Outsourcing, and IT Outsourcing is not an exception.

Industries IT Outsourcing Automotive

The IT industry is renowned for its multiple implementations in almost every aspect of our lives. This industry sure made its way up to the top priorities for innovation and advancement. Of course, the benefits and positive outcomes of applying IT Outsourcing is so visible that many automotive manufacturers are now trying to shift their way towards IT implementation.

The pervading use of digital sources and appliances has also impacted how automotive manufacturers want to change their models. With customer-centricity, anything that benefits their users like automatic cars, AI system in customer care, virtual assistants are developed to apply in the vehicles.

Automotive is one of the major industries IT Outsourcing in the world, powerfully shaping the future vision of how life is going to be. Hence, the need for superior products to be faster, cheaper is on the rise. However, in creating more innovative vehicles for society, automotive manufacturers are likely to encounter these challenges.

  • A standardized framework and checklists for the implementation of IT Outsourcing. The automotive industry is one of the oldest, but the idea of automatic cars with the implementation of IT is fairly new, with just a few major players on the market now. To this day, there is no global standardization for this matter, making the industry’s vision and strategy somewhat blurred.
  • The ever-growing demand for technologies. Perhaps the target customer of this industry is like that of the mobile industry, meaning that they always want cutting-edge technologies. This feature poses the question for automotive manufacturers to invest in developing and researching the boldest and newest technologies.

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